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Your “Junk Mail” Could Easily Provide You With A

Lifetime Monthly Income!

If You Can Place A Brochure Into An Envelope, The Companies Sending You Money Making

Offers In The Mail HAVE To Pay You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Every Month!

You probably get 10, 20, maybe even 100 or more "Money Making" offers in the mail each month.  To the average person, this is considered “junk mail” but to you -  it’s an absolute gold mine!  You can easily turn your “junk mail” into a totally automated, effortless monthly income (reaching insane amounts) that lasts a lifetime!


The People Sending You These “Money Making” Offers Need 
3 Things To Survive …

The people and companies sending you these offers need 3 things to survive and prosper, and they need them each and every month – and they’ll need them forever!  If you can fold a piece of paper and put it in an envelope (no, I’m not talking about “envelope stuffing” although you probably get these offers in the mail) you’ll not only make mountains of cash, but you’ll also be paid for letting these people/companies advertise your other companies for you – that’s even better than free advertising for you!


The items below are necessities for EVERYONE who sends you “junk mail” and they purchase these items on a continuous basis, month after month - and that means a continuous supply of money for you!  They ALL need:

1.   Mailing Lists:  These companies didn’t just pull your name out of a hat or go through a phone book.  They purchased a mailing list, and they pay a lot of money for these lists because they are the life-blood of their company.  Regardless of what they offer, they all need mailing lists and they purchase them on a regular basis.  Sometimes weekly, monthly, or quarterly but they continue to buy them forever!  Our Mailing Lists sell for $100 per 1,000 names (Industry Rate is $125 which makes our lists very popular) and you receive 75% of this money every month while we do all the work.

Over $15 Million Dollars!

The reason our Lists sell like the most popular toy at Christmas time is because they produce results!  I’ve personally used them to make over $15 Million Dollars – that’s proven results!  People absolutely love to buy Mailing Lists with proven results because they too can make a lot of money from them!

2.   Online Business Set-Up:  Nowadays, companies must have a website in order to survive, and the ones sending you all these offers in the mail are no different.  It’s a very expensive, but necessary business expense.  On the positive side, a well designed & advertised website can make Millions!  We provide a full service package with Website Design, Online Payment Processing, and Online Order Fulfillment which has everything they need to make money online.  We do all the work & YOU receive $1,500.00 (60%) for each and every Website!  In addition, websites continually need updating, management, etc. (forever) which is a full time job & you get $72/hr (60%) while we still do all the work!

3.   Internet Advertising:  These companies don’t rely solely on their mailings.  In order to survive, they also HAVE to advertise online, especially after spending so much money for a shiny new website.  We can provide them with automated, proven Internet advertising which includes:

  Unlimited Email Advertising With Over 70 Million Targeted Opt-In Prospects Every Month!

  Advertising That’s Guaranteed To Make Them A Profit!

  And Much, Much More Which Makes Online Adverting Sell Like Hotcakes, And …


… Best Of All - You Receive 75% Of The Total Revenues 

While We Handle Everything!

Your only job is to place a Brochure (which we provide you) into the return envelope of the offers you receive in the mail.  If you receive any offers by Email - simply reply with your Website Address.  That’s it!  Can you think of anything easier!?  Everything else is done for you automatically and you receive the Lion’s Share (60% to 75%) of the money upfront each and every month!


The Brochure allows them to order by mail (which we process for you) or from your Website (you need one just like everyone else) where they can order directly online.  The Brochure & your Private Website, which are time tested and proven to do all the selling, are just $47 and there are absolutely no monthly fees.


Repeat Customers Mean Repeat Income!

The people sending you these offers in the mail HAVE to purchase these items every month from someone, so why not let them buy from you so you can keep 60% to 75% of all the money!?  Individuals normally spend a minimum of $500 monthly on their mailing list while small companies usually spend a minimum of $4,000 monthly – month after month!  Larger companies spend MUCH more.  Before I retired, I spent over $80,000 every month!  Believe me, I didn’t like spending that much - but I had to - I had no choice - it was just a cost of doing business – and there are a lot of companies that spend way more than this every week!  Shouldn’t 75% of this money be yours!? 


As a result, you only need a few customers to make an enormous monthly income because they MUST continue to buy from you each and every month in order to stay in business, so you don’t need to send back a lot of brochures.  A handful can set you up for a lifetime of income!  You can stop whenever you want and just enjoy the monthly income, but obviously the more you send back (it’s so easy to put a Brochure in an envelope) the larger your income will grow – it’s effortless, automated, and it continues forever! 


One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure!

 Not only can this “junk mail” provide you with a lifetime of monthly income, but these companies will also pay you to advertise for you!  We have a special offer on all mailing lists for a “buy 1 – get 1 free” if they include your offer (which doesn’t raise their postage costs) in their mailings.  When they pay you for 10,000 names, we’ll send them 20,000 which is great for them because they get 10,000 names absolutely free. 


You make out like a bandit because you receive $750 for the mailing list, Plus this offer gets mailed out to 20,000 people (who also receive tons of “junk mail) absolutely Free!  It's a win/win situation nobody can refuse, and All these people become Your Affiliates so you receive 50% Upfront (for Each & Every order) as well as 10% of the Total revenues generated by all these 20,000 people (Forever!) while we fulfill all the orders for you!   Of course, you're not restricted to just this offer ...


What's Better Than FREE Advertising? 
Getting PAID To Let Other People Advertise For You!

You're able to put any kind of offer that makes you money into these free mailings after collecting your money for the mailing list.  If you own other companies or are involved in any affiliate programs (anything) and want to advertise them instead - no problem!  You can easily switch or rotate different offers and make money from several programs or stick to just one - it's totally up to you!  This gives you access to a phenomenal amount of Free Direct Mail (you never have to buy a mailing list yourself) to advertise anything you want, and make extra money on top of the money you'll make from all your "junk mail!"   

You already receive these offers in the mail - why not make a ton of money from them – money you can depend on each month?  We handle everything so you never sell anything personally.  There’s nothing to read or learn, and you don’t need a computer, Internet, phone - anything!  Simply placing a Brochure in an envelope can provide you with a huge, steady monthly income for a lifetime!  You’ve probably already thrown a lot of money away by tossing these offers in the trash so why not get started right now before losing any more money!        



M. Forbes

Michael Forbes
Retired Multi-Millionaire


P.S.  We handle the entire order process for you while you receive the Lion’s Share of the income.  We’ll provide you the Brochure & your own Personal & Private Website with absolutely no monthly fees.  All you do is put the Brochure into the return envelope to send back to all the people who send you their money-making offers in the mail.


Remember, they have no choice but to buy these items from you – it’s just the cost of doing business.  They don’t want to spend all that money, but they have to in order to stay in business and make money themselves.  Just a handful of companies can supply you with a lifetime of dependable monthly income which can continue to grow - forever!

Yes, I can put a brochure into an envelope (how easy!) in exchange for 60% to 75% of the Tens Of Thousands of Dollars companies that send out Money Making offers HAVE to spend each and every month to stay in business and make money themselves!  I understand that I receive my money upfront, while you process all the orders, do all the work, customer support, and order fulfillment.  I also understand that you will provide me with the Brochure & my very own Personal Website for just $47 and there are absolutely NO monthly fees - ever!

Stop losing money by throwing all that "junk mail" in the trash when it's so easy to turn that pile of junk mail into a pile of cash!  The people sending you their offers are going to spend a LOT of money each and every month - they already are spending this money - that's why you got their offer in the first place!  You won't find an easier way to make this much money because all the sales, order processing & fulfillment is done for you while these companies spend anywhere from around $500 to $80,000+ (like I did) each and every month!  Simply click the "Buy Now" button above so you can automatically start receiving 60% to 75% of all that money they spend!  

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